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My day at VillaWald - daily routine, lunch, shelter

regelmäßig machen wir ein Lagerfeuer
Was ist das denn für ein Blatt?
gemeinsam unterwegs
DSC_1543im Laub gibt es viel zu entdecken
Kreativ sein im VillaGarten
Schön ist unser Wald!

A day in VillaWald


Between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. the children meet in our villa garden.
We greet each other and arrive. After a little more play and all the children have arrived, we meet for the morning circle.
We hit the singing bowl and hear the sounds in the morning and saw a notch in the rod of the month and think about what day we have and what month we have. Then we listen to stories, sing or play.


After the morning circle we wash our hands and unpack our breakfast. Sometimes we also have breakfast in the forest.
We say a spell together and then look forward to our bread or muesli and warming tea (without sugar) or water.
Depending on the weather, breakfast will be shorter or longer.
During breakfast we decide which venue we want to play at.

Way to the "playground"

After breakfast we all pack our backpacks. When all children and adults have their backpacks on their backs, we walk to the play area in the forest.
In the interests of environmental protection and sustainability, we collect rubbish along the way.

The children, all equipped for the weather, run at their own pace.
At so-called “breakpoints”, which are located in the forest with colorful beads in  certain distances (e.g. crossroads, hiking benches, etc.), the children know that they have to wait for each other.

Our travel time lasts as long as we are all on the move, because there is a lot to discover: animals, plants and lots of mud puddles!

Free game

Arriving at the venue, we collect the backpacks in a common place. Free play occupies an important space. The imagination knows no limits. The game material is everywhere. In summer we can also carve or saw.For example, we build hedgehog houses, play "tickle monster" (catch) or hide and seek.

Having lunch

After the free game we put on our backpacks again and go to lunch in the"Old Guard" Oberstedten.

Afterwards we make our way back to our villa garden, where we can rest or continue playing.


Between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. the children will be picked up again in the VillaGarten.

Here is our garden


Lunch and shelter

Our shelter at FC 09 Oberstedten


Our shelter is at 1. FC 09 Oberstedten. Thanks for that!

VillaWald Oberursel
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