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VillaGarten and our forest area


The VillaGarten is a 1000sqm property on Zum Hainmüller in Oberursel - Oberstedten, which we have rented from the Evangelical Church since 2008. It is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Kunterbunt away. Here the children can develop freely in nature.

Bauwagen Ankerplatz


... with our wonderful trailer and a hut to arrive...

In the VillaGarten we meet in the morning and from there we start into the forest together. We also play there in the afternoon after lunch. Otherwise we are in the forest all morning.

Our forest area is directly behind the VillaGarten and can be reached from there in a few minutes.

mixed forest with old oaks, beeches, spruces and larches invites you to play and discover! In the middle is a fox and badger burrow as well as small ponds or small ditches - seesaw and slide quite naturally in the forest!
Also for Hirschgarten we can run with the children and marvel at the animals.
in the change of seasons we experience the bright colors of the forest and can experience it with all our senses.


VillaWald Oberursel
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