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VillaWald - about us

Villa Wald Oberursel

The VillaWald Oberursel is a private forest kindergartenin Oberurel Taunus.

Many months ago, the board and the parents considered having care for the older children in addition to the U3 care in the Kindervilla Kunterbunt.
Finally, the idea of a forest kindergarten was developed, which should be located on the rented property of the association.

After a lot of planning, applications and organizations, VillaWald Oberurselwas created with a lot of passion.

Since October 1st, 2020, children have been coming to our forest kindergarten every day to play, discover and experience the forest and nature with all their senses!

VillaWald Oberursel- a garden with four different areas 

Ankerplatz Wagen


... with our wonderful trailer and a hut to arrive...

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